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Boy Scouts

Overview is an advanced scout pack / troop management system designed to simplify communication between leaders and parents. accomplishes this by distributing the responsibility of maintaining the website across the entire troop. Your Scout Master has total control over who has access to what. ScoutLander's customizable security settings enable leaders,parents, and/or scouts the ability to schedule events, upload photos, broadcast email messages, and post knowledge base articles.

Scout and User Management
User management is simplified by linking parents to one or more scouts in the program. This means that when a parent logs into the system they will see the events and get notifications for their scouts.

In addition, if you also have a Cub Scout and his pack is using ScoutLander, then you will get a combined view across packs, troops, and crews.

Your website will have the following three main areas:
  • Public Site
  • Secure Site
  • Administration Site
All of these pages are customizable without coding or HTML. However, If you want to use HTML you can. You can edit content, upload images, and attach files for downloading.

Public Site
Your public site is visible to the general public and does not require a login. The purpose of the public site is to introduce your troop to prospective scouts and parents.
  • Home Page
  • Tour (Optional)
  • Join Scouts (Optional)
  • Download Forms (Optional)
  • Frequently Asked Questions "FAQs" (Optional)
  • Knowledge Base (Optional)
  • Custom Pages 1 - 20 (Optional)
If you don't know what to put on these pages just disable them for now. Remember... Your parents and leaders can always help with the content.
Secure Site
Your secure site is NOT visible to the public and requires a login and password. The purpose of the secure site is to communicate with parents, leaders, and scouts, organize events, and share information and photos.

Secure Site Pages
  • Welcome
  • My Profile
  • Event Calendar
  • Photo Gallery
  • Broadcast System
  • Knowledge Base
  • Parent Search
  • Scout Search
  • Custom Pages 1 - 20
Administration Site
The Administration area of your website is used to customize pages, create patrols, and set website security.

Admin Site Pages
  • Site Setup
  • Sponsor Setup
  • Account Setup
Event Calendar
  • Have you ever had to call all the parents to cancel an event due to rain?
  • Would you like to get a head count of scouts, parents, siblings?
  • Has it been difficult to track who has paid and how much others still owe?
  • Would you like the system to notify you via email when the head count changes? did all that a year ago. You should see what it can do today!

Event Searching Search for past events and read the "lessons learned". What was our headcount last year? Did we have enough food?
Printer Friendly Views Print out your scout's or multi-scouts' calendar and put it on the fridge.
Targeted Events Troop, Patrol, Multi-Patrol, and Leader Specific Events
Popup Calendars Popup graphical calenders make it easy to select the correct dates.
RSVP Signup Parents indicate number of attending scouts, siblings, parents and a field to ask questions or leave comments.
RSVP Fees Leaders can display and record who has paid and how much others still owe.
RSVP Totals You can print your entire roster showing the totals for scouts, siblings, and parents.
Organizer Email Notification When changes are made to head counts or comments the organizer is informed along with what specifically was changed (customizable per event).
Location Information Location Name, Street, City, State, Zip, and URL Map link!
Attire What attire should be worn - Class A, Class B, or Casual.
FILE ATTACHMENTS! Word, Excel, Images, Maps, Flyers, Phone Numbers.
EVENT PHOTO ALBUMS!!! After the event, leaders, parents, and scouts can upload event pictures to share with the entire troop.

Photo Gallery
Leaders, parents, and scouts can attach photos to events. Once the photos are uploaded, users can tag the photos with the names of the people in it. This enables you to search the entire gallery for a particular parent or scout.

Email Broadcast System
The days of passing around and updating large emails lists are over!

With the Email Broadcast System, leaders can send emails out to the entire troop, patrol / multi-patrol, leaders only, or selected users.

Within the email, you can attach one or more events. The resulting email will include a direct URL hyperlink to the event(s).

This is the perfect tool for keeping scout, parents and leaders up-do-date.

Knowledge Base
I know what you are thinking... Maybe we went too far by giving troops their very own commercial grade knowledge base.

Well... how many times have you said, "do we need to remember this for next year"?

The Knowledge Base is designed to store lessons learned, helpful tips, useful website links, flyers, documents, maps, contact names, and just about anything you can imagine. Learn More...

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