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Chemistry Merit Badge

Preparation has started for the Spring 2018 Chemistry Merit Badge class. The merit badge should be an exciting and fulfilling experience, filled with cool demonstrations and various experiments, some of which are:

  • Using Root Killer to create aqueous CuSO4 solution and then copper-plate a steel nail
  • Constructing a Cartesian Diver to examine how pressure affects gases, using Pascal's Law
  • Comparing toothpaste to an abrasive cleaner, talking about the similarities and differences
  • Witness and discuss the chemical changes that occur when cooking an onion (fact: gaseous sulfuric acid is what causes you to cry while chopping onions!)
  • Discuss why oil and water don't mix, and then force them into an emulsion using detergent
  • Determine how to separate a mixture of various substances
The course is projected to begin in April, please email with questions, and stay tuned for more info!