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Boy Scout Troop 354
(Dundalk, Maryland)
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Boy Scout Troop 354 - Dundalk, Maryland 21222

Dear Troop 354 Families,

Some highlights for the month of April & the beginning of May:

1. 4/17/2019 – 6 -7:30 PM - Swimming Activity at the Dundalk YMCA – More Information TBA prior to the Activity. Also, finial Week Camp 2019 payments are due – All Scouts WC’19 balances should be a total of $375.

2. 4/24/2019 – Board of Review Night for Rank Advancement & Committee Meeting Also, it’s Final Camp Card Sales return date – Return either the Card Sales Monies or Un-used cards for credit – NOTE: This is the absolute end date for return of the Sales proceeds or the Un-used Camp Cards! - Recommend if you stopped selling the Camp Cards, please return the proceeds or the Un-used cards before 4/24/2019 deadline! Every Camp Card must be paid for or returned, no exceptions.

3. 5/1/2019 – 6:30 -9PM - Special Meeting Night Activity @ Marshy Point Nature Center – Chase, MD – Will have more information about the activity before the 5/1/2019 date. – Also, permission slips and camp fees dues on 5/1/2019 for our Troop’s 57th anniversary camping trip weekend by attending the “A Scout is Reverent” retreat at Broad Creek MSR.

In Troop 354

Mr. Al
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