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Cub Scout Pack 94
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Pack 94 in Armonk, NY.

For boys 6-10 years old / Grades K - 5

We are planning our 2018 - 2019 season!

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Notes for new parents/guardians:

  • In September we will kick-off with an orientation. Den meeting times/places, calendar of events, membership fees, etc. will be finalized then.
  • A Cub Scout pack consists of a group of dens, each arranged by grade.
    • Lions - Kindergarten
    • Tigers 1 & 2 - 1st grade
    • Wolves - 2nd grade
    • Bears - 3rd grade
    • Webelos - 4th and 5th grades
  • There can be multiple dens per grade (a good den size is 5-6 boys).
  • Each den must have at least 2 den leaders (parent/guardian).
  • Lions and Tigers den meetings are not drop-off.  Parents/guardians participate in each meeting.
  • Den meetings are usually once a month (time/date/place determined by den families). Pack meetings (when all the dens get together) are typically every other month. There is a theme for each one and they are an opportunity for the boys to receive their achievement awards in front of everyone.
  • Den meetings focus on particular themes but many achievements are done at home.
  • Parent/guardian engagement: Everyone participates in the fun, either by being a den leader, coordinating one or two pack events, or being part of the pack leadership.  Each family needs to perform one den or pack related task per year.  We all know that every family has a busy schedule, so this spreads out the work and ensures that each child has a fun and successful year. 
  • See "Pack Events" for what we did last year. We are always looking for new ideas.
  • Links below for general information.

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CSA flyer.pdf Cub Scout information flyer  
Cub Scout FAQ .pdf Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Cubs Scouts  
CubScoutUniformInformation.pdf Scout Uniform Information  
Lion_FAQs.pdf Lions (Kindergarten) FAQs