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2017 - 2018 Recruiting information

We almost always meet as a pack (troop) on the 3rd Thursday of the month at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Bell Court, Lexington.
Individual dens (grades) will meet something like 2-3 times a month depending upon the schedules of the families involved and their Den Leader.
As per the book, tiger dens are supposed to do 2 den meetings 1 field trip and 1 pack meeting each month. In my experience that’s a little more ambitious than what actually occurs.
I am entirely an unpaid volunteer, my son Nicholas is in the Webelos I den (fourth grade).
I try to coordinate the pack as a whole and divvy up responsibility among the den leaders and parents. I hope for each family to volunteer for a position of some form at least once during the year… If being a den leader, book keeper, or on the chair committee is more commitment that you want, then maybe you can arrange a field trip, or the “Blue and Gold Banquet” or just promise to be the person that helps puts the chairs away after meetings or something.
BSA requires dues for the scout it's about $25 a calendar year.  Registering the first year in the fall costs a little extra because of the prorated extra portion of the year and then paying for next year as well.  Tiger dens (first grade) also pay a little more because a parent person needs to register as well.  Optionally there is a magazine called boys life that is $12 a year.
WE DO NOT CHARGE PACK DUES. We are entirely self sustaining, The Church is kind enough to give us the space and everything else we need we pay for from our annual popcorn sales fundraising. Our pack has maintained a thousand in savings, fund raises about a thousand and spends about a thousand each year, technically the pack belongs to our Charter Organization (The Church of the Good Shepherd)
Council campouts tend to be more or less $50 for a weekend parent\scout. Depending if they provide food (shudder) and what extra tshirts are ordered.
This is my fourth year in scouting and my third year as cubmaster, although I’ve received all the scout training required I’m still very new to the content and probably need more experience as an educator.
The uniform is available about the boy scout store on Nicholasville RD near Zandale.
Scouting program is what you make of it.
Looking forward to having you and your child in our pack!
Chris Harn
Cub Master
The Church of the Good Shepherd Lexington, KY
PS: can I get your son’s name, your cell phone and can I add your email address to your email list\scoutlander?

Meeting Times

Pack Meetings are on the 3rd Thursday of the Month at 6:30 at:
Good Shepherd Episcopal Church
533 East Main Street Lexington KY 40508

In the basement\Undercroft

Cub Master: Chris Harn 859-410-4279

(Kindergarten) Lions
Tiger Den Leader: TBD
Regular Meetings: TBD

(First Grade) Tigers
Tiger Den Leader: David Hempy
Regular Meetings: TBD

(Second Grade) Wolves
Den Leader: Shane Tedder \ Steve Buck
Regular Meetings: TBD

(Third Grade) Bears
Den Leader: TBD
Regular Meetings: TBD

(Fourth Grade) Webelos I
Den Leader: TBD
Regular Meetings: TBD

(Fifth Grade) Webelos II
Regular Meetings: TBD
Den Leader: Erin Crum 304-962-0767

Minecraft Campout at Fort Boonesborough


Archery at Fort Boonesborough family campout


Hiking at Raven's Run