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Boy Scout Troop 531
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Welcome to the official Website for Troop 531 South El Monte, CA. With more than four million youth members, the Boy Scouts of America is one of America's most popular youth organizations. Boys join Scouting for one primary reason -- to have fun!

Troop 531 is committed to keeping our focus on doing what's good for our boys.

A key to Scouting’s ongoing success is in the fact that the movement recognizes that a boy’s perception of what is fun is constantly changing.  In response, the Scouting program has expanded through the years to continuously offer activities and programs that challenge boys both physically and intellectually.

For Scouts today, the Scouting difference is that these boys get the opportunity to experience and explore life to its fullest. Perhaps more importantly, while boys have great experiences in Scouting, they gain much more than fun.

Scouts learn lessons about life, and the value of being a person of character and integrity. These lessons come through spending significant time and sharing experiences with families, Scout leaders, and fellow Scouts.

If you know someone interested in Scouting feel free to reach someone at 626.434.5002 or email to
We can definately direct you as to where you need to go.
Thank You!