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New Scout Camping Gear

Packing for a camping trip can be an overwhelming task. Over-packing for camp is a common error, especially for first-year campers. But you also have to make sure you pack everything you will need. 

The following is a basic gear list for new scouts. This list will apply for most camping trips, however, some trips (such as canoe trips, cycling trips, caving trips, etc.) will have special packing requirements. So you should always attend the troop meetings before each trip when the details for the trip are discussed. Then you will find out about any special packing requirements for each camping trip.

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Scout Outdoor Essentials Checklist (10 Essentials)

They’re called “essentials” for a reason. Every packing list starts with these 10 items that are usually kept in your day-pack.

      1.   A pocketknife or multi-tool can be handy in a wide variety of situations (don’t forget to first earn your Totin’ Chip).
2.     first-aid kit can be a lifesaver. Literally.
3.     Bring extra clothing to match the weather. Multiple layers are better than a single massive jacket.
4.     Rain gear is very important. Being wet from rain may result in hypothermia, a potentially fatal condition.
5.     flashlight is important for finding your way in the dark.
6.     Trail food is good for maintaining your energy.
7.     Water can prevent dehydration, heat exhaustion and heatstroke.
8.     Matches and/or a fire starter may be used to light fires for heat, or for signaling for help.
9.     Sun protection might include sunblock, sunglasses, lip balm and a wide-brimmed hat.
10.  map and compass are probably the most important tools you can carry in case you get lost.


Summer Camp Information

The following is a condensed list of recommended gear, required attire, and miscellaneous information.

Please contact troop leadership, reference the above website(s) and attachments below, for additional or specific information.

Personal Camp Gear
Group Camp Gear
Scout Basic Essentials      The troop will bring a trailer to summer camp to store common equipment. Adult leaders will ensure the group
gear is stocked before departure.
(10 Essentials)      (list is located in the Leader Guide)
Clothing Cleanup Kit:    
Scout uniform shirt Soap    
Scout uniform shorts / pants Toothbrush & toothpaste    
Scout uniform belt Dental floss    
Scout uniform socks Comb    
Scout uniform hat Towel    
Scout uniform neckerchief / slide      
Scout T-shirts Personal Items:    
Underwear Scout Handbook    
Shorts Merit badge book(s)    
Extra Shoes Notebook    
Socks Pencil or Pen    
Swim trunks Totin' Chip / Firem'n Chip    
Sleeping Gear: Alarm Clock    
Cot or sleeping pad Medications & Eyewear    
Sleeping bag or bed roll Camera    
Small pillow Money    
  Small musical instrument    
Mess Kit:      
Spoon Other gear for specific activities    
Plate / Bowl      

NOTE: Some merit badges and  activities
require specific clothing and/or 
Examples: Swimming, Lifesaving, and  Horsemanship.
Check your merit badge books.

What Not to Bring to Camp:
Do not bring alcohol, firearms, tobacco, fireworks, illegal drugs, video games, fixed blade knives, excessive grooming products, highly odorous products, or excessive amounts of candy.
Clothing with inappropriate language or graphics will not be permitted. No pets of any kind, with exception of special needs animals, are permitted in camp. Campers are not permitted
to use ATVs or utility carts.
Use of electronic devices such as radios, tape/cd/mp3 players, electronic games, and cell phones is not permitted in camp program areas.  Unit leaders are responsible for setting camp-
site and travel policies regarding electronic devices.
Any items which are in violation of BSA policy may be confiscated by the camp staff and returned upon departure. The camp staff will work with the unit leader in all such cases.

Uniform and Attire in Camp:
The official Boy Scouts of America field uniform is always appropriate dress at Slippery Falls Scout Ranch.  Every camper is expected to wear the "Class A" uniform at evening meals,
while performing flag ceremony, attending chapel, and during campfires. The "Class B" uniform (substituting a scout t-shirt for the uniform shirt) and is acceptable at all other times.

Campers should wear sturdy walking or hiking shoes with socks. Lighter shoes may be worn at campsite. Sandals and shoes without toes are unsafe and not permitted.

Any Inappropriate clothing includes: sleeveless undershirts, cutoff shorts or shorts; clothes with holes; clothing with alcohol, tobacco or drug promotions, sexual references, vulgar, 
sexist or racist sayings, or gang insignia; and bikini swimsuits. Questionable or offensive tattoos must be covered.  

Visitor night at camp is Friday evening. At this time, parents will have the opportunity to eat with their children in the dining hall and to attend the closing campfire. Visitors should 
not plan to arrive prior to 5:00 p.m. as scouts will be involved in camp activities. The campfire will conclude around 9:30 p.m. Visitors should plan to leave shortly thereafter so scouts
and leaders can get a good night's sleep. A head count of the number of visitors who will be at Friday night's dinner will be needed by noon on Wednesday and costs $6.00/per person.

Parents are encouraged to write their sons while they are away at camp.  Please remember the mail may take more time to be delivered in a rural area, therefore letters mailed after Wednesday 
will more than likely not arrive in time:

Kerr Scout Ranch at Slippery Falls
"Scout's Name"
Troop 75, Dollar Sign Campsite
4500 S. Bullet Prairie Rd.
Tishomingo, OK  73460
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