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Boy Scout Troop 9
(West Deptford, New Jersey)
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Parent’s Welcome

Parent Expectations

Welcome Scout Parents

Troop 9 welcomes you as the parents of our newest scouts. Boy Scouting provides for growth of moral strength and character, teaches citizenship, and enhances the development of physical, mental and emotional fitness. This is all done in the spirit of fun and adventure.

If your son was a Cub Scout, you will find that Boy Scouts is considerably different, some valuable information is provided below to ease your transition. Also, please take a few minutes to read Chapter 1 of your son’s Boy Scout Handbook.

Parents are encouraged, but not required, to become registered with the BSA as an Adult leader or Committee Member. They are also encouraged to volunteer in one or all of following ways:

1)   Help supervise a Troop Camp out, hike, or other such event


2)   Provide transportation to a troop event, with the exception of normal meetings, for other scouts and or leaders.


3)   Help organize and participate in Troop fundraisers


4)   Take an active interest in your boy’s scouting experience and encourage him along his scouting journey. A parent that takes an active roll, not only in scouting, but in their son’s entire life is more likely to have a son that has a successful life and the ultimate scouting experience.


Please contact the Scoutmaster with any questions or interest in volunteering.




Please visit the website and click on Contact Scoutmaster to request more information.