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66 Lakes Hike

Our goal is to complete the "66 Lakes" hike!  The hike begins in Potsdam and circumnavigates Berlin, is 411 KM long, and is divided into 17 stages of 20 - 25 KM each.  

While the route passes through quaint and picturesque villages, the highlight of the hike is, of course, the 66 Lakes.  The 17 stages are:


  • Potsdam - Marquardt (20 km)
  • Marquardt - Brieselang (20 km)
  • Brieselang - Hennigsdorf (24 km)
  • Hennigsdorf - Wensickendorf (24 km)
  • Wensickendorf - Melchow (28 km)
  • Melchow - Leuenberg (29 km)
  • Leuenberg - Strausberg (25 km)
  • Strausberg/Stadt - Rüdersdorf (21 km)
  • Rüdersdorf - Hangelsberg (22 km)
  • Hangelsberg - Bad Saarow (24 km)
  • Bad Saarow - Wendisch Rietz (26 km)
  • Wendisch Rietz - Neuendorf am See (19 km)
  • Neuendorf am See - Halbe (24 km)
  • Halbe - Wünsdorf (26 km)
  • Wünsdorf - Trebbin (27 km)
  • Trebbin - Seddin (24 km)
  • Seddin - Potsdam (23 km) 

Keep checking this page to check our progress!  


66 Lakes Hike: Leg V

Hennigsdorf to Birkendwerder

Beautiful April weather for a 20 kilometer hike!  18 degrees and sunshine...

KM Hiked:  80
KM to go:  331
% Completed: 20%

Leg IV: The shortened version

What an adventure!  For many, it was their first hike experience as Boy Scouts.  The boys all took turns navigating the course with a map and compass. Well-guided by the older, experienced Scouts, the youngins' all made it to their final destination much to their relief...and got their heavy backpacks off their backs in good time to set-up camp. The March weather cooperated, for the most part, and we all had a great time warming up next to the campfire and gazing at the stars.

66 Lakes Hike III

On December 5, we embarked on the the third leg of the 66 Lakes Hike.  We met at 0800 at U-Bahn Oskar Helene Heim and travelled almost an hour to Brieselang which was where Leg II left off. 

It was a cold, crisp but clear morning and we had sunshine throughout most of the day.  We hiked a total of 24 kilometers and were joined by Scoutmaster Cain, Assistant Scoutmaster Duke, and our Troop Chaplain, Mr. Dye. 

We were also able to knock out some advancement requirements while hiking.  A few guys led the hike using a map and compass and then later were able to identify 10 signs of wildlife, demonstrate using a lightweight stove and a whole bunch of other stuff! 

The highlight of the day was when we got a little off course and ended up in an abandoned Soviet Airfield!  There were the old hangars with the star of the Soviet Union emblazoned on the doors, an old pillbox/bunker for guard duty and we even walked across the runway enroute to our destination!  It was REALLY cool! 

58 KM down, 353 to go!


KM Hiked:  58 KM
KM remaining:  353
% complete:  14.11%

66 Hikes Leg II

Well, we had 6 Scouts and 1 Parent (plus me) hiking this weekend.  We hiked from Marquardt to Brieselang along the old canal that the East Germans built to avoid having shipping traffic go through West Berlin. 

We saw an old electrical switching station with Cryllic signage on the side (left over from the Soviets), a barn with severely oversized garden equipment hanging on the wall (like a 3 meter long broom!), gave out 3 band-aids and saw some beautiful scenery! 

More importantly, we had a lot of fun and the Scouts all took turns navigating (did NOT get us lost even though at one point the trail simply disappeared!) and we found signs that were really confusing (signs to the same place but pointing in multilple directions!)! 

All in all, it was a great trip and we will do leg III soon!


Total 66 Lakes KM hiked:  34
Total to go:      377
Percentage Hiked:  8.2%

Scout On!

Off we go!

66 Lakes Hike (1st Leg)
Saturday, January 31st-
Sunday, February 1st

Well, our first hike in the 66 Lakes Tour is complete! 

We had a total of 14 hikers (10 kids and 4 adults) join us!  We met at S-Bahn Zehlendorf and travelled to the trailhead at Bhf Potsdam, Pirschheide.  The first leg of our route began by hiking over Templinersee on the train trestle (don't worry - a walkway is provided!). 

We then hiked to the "Einsteinhaus" (which was Albert Einstein's Summer Cottage) in Caputh where we also stopped for lunch in the forest.  After lunch we moved out and headed for the village church in the center of Caputh.  Once we reached the church, we realized that it was getting late and would be dark soon, so as good outdoorsmen, we modified our plan to fit the situation and shortened the hike by 9 km and headed straight for our campsite.  

All along the trail, our youngest Scouts led the way by using their newly learned map and compass skills and our older Scouts checked up on them to make sure they got it right (which they did)!  

We finally made it into camp around 1630 where we had just enough time to pitch tents and start the cooking fire before it got dark!  

All in all, it was a great trip!

Distance Logged:  14 km
Distance Remaining:  397 km
% Complete:  3.4% 

For more photos, check out the Photo Gallery.

Pictured: SM Cain having a Scoutmaster's Minute with Freedom Outpost Scouts before starting the first leg of the 66 Lakes Hike from Potsdam, Pirschheide.