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Boy Scout Troop 258
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The Boy Scouts of America say:

    - 179 U.S. astronauts were involved in Scouting (57.4% of astronauts).
             - 39 are Eagle Scouts.

    - 35.5 percent of the United States Military Academy (West Point) cadets were
       involved in Scouting as youth.
             - 15.6 percent of cadets are Eagle Scouts.

    - 30.5 percent of United States Air Force Academy cadets were involved in
       Scouting as youth.
             - 13.5 percent of cadets are Eagle Scouts.

    - 25 percent of United States Naval Academy (Annapolis) midshipmen were 
       involved in Scouting as youth.
             - 14 percent of midshipmen are Eagle Scouts.

    - 212 members of the 111th Congress participated in Scouting as a youth 
      and/or adult leader.
              - 22 are Eagle Scouts.





Scouting Around

Of 100 Boys in Scouting 
   - 18 will develop hobbies that will give them a lifelong interest. 
   - 17 will later become leaders in Scouting and will pass on their skills, inspiration
         and leadership to countless youth.
   - 12 will receive their first church contact through Scouting. 
   - 8 will find their future life vocations. 
   - 5 will receive church religious emblems. 
   - 2 of the 100 will reach the Eagle Rank. 
   - 1 will enter the clergy due to his Scouting relationships. 
   - 1 will use Scout skills to save another's life. 
   - 1 will credit Scout skills with saving his own life.



A comparative study of the records of Scouts and non-Scouts in a sampling of schools and colleges shows that Scouts hold most of the major positions of leadership in the student body. The survey resulted in the following statistics in regard to school officers bearing a large amount of responsibility.
   - Of senior class presidents, 89% were Scouts.
   - Of junior class presidents, 80% were Scouts.
   - Of business managers of school publications, 75% were Scouts.
   - Of student council presidents, 85% were Scouts.
   - Of school newspaper editors, 88% were Scouts.
   - Of editors of school annuals, 77% were Scouts.
   - Of basketball captains, 64% were Scouts.

Numbered among the alumni of the Boy Scouts of America are:
   - 64% of Air Force Academy graduates.
   - 58% of West Point graduates.
   - 70% of Annapolis graduates.
   - 72% of Rhodes scholars.
   - 85% of FBI agents. 


A listing of some Famous Eagle Scouts from US Scouts:
 (Note: In the lists below, we've omitted "Former" from all titles.)

·         Henry Aaron - Baseball player, home run king - the Mobile Press Register
    quoted Henry as saying that the greatest positive influence in his life was his
    involvement in scouting


·         Neil Armstrong - astronaut, first man on moon, from Wapakoneta, OH

·         Willie Banks - Olympic & world record holding track star

·         Albert Belle - baseball player

·         William Bennett - Secretary of Education

·         Michael Bloomberg - Mayor of New York City, founder of Bloomberg News

·         Bill Bradley - Pro basketball star and U.S. Senator from NJ

·         James Brady - Press Secretary to President Reagan

·         Stephen Breyer - US Supreme Court Justice

·         Milton A. Caniff - Comic strip artist "Steve Canyon"

·         Admiral Jay M. Cohen, USN - Undersecretary of Homeland Security

·         Barber B. Conable - President, World Bank

·         John W. Creighton, Jr. - President & CEO of Weyerhaeuser Company

·         William Devries - M.D., transplanted first artificial heart

·         Michael Dukakis - Governor of Massachusetts, presidential candidate

·         Arthur Eldred - First Eagle Scout

·         Gerald Ford - U.S. President (1st Eagle to be President) (deceased)

·         Steven Fossett - Flew solo nonstop around the world in a hot air balloon and
    in an ultralight airplane, won the Chicago to Mackinaw boat races, competed
    in the Iditarod dog race, and competed in several iron man triathlons, and 
    among other things lived the Scouting mottos both Cub and Boy Scout by 
    doing his best and being prepared (deceased)

·         Robert M. Gates - Director of Central Intelligence (CIA) and Secretary. of 

·         Steven W. Lindsey - Astronaut - He was the pilot for STS-95 when John Glenn 
    returned to space as a Senator. He made Eagle in Troop 161 in Temple City, 


·         J. Willard Marriott, Jr. - President, Marriott Corp.

·         Michael Moore - Author and filmmaker, nominated for an Oscar for "Bowling for 


·         H. Ross Perot - Self-made billionaire and presidential candidate

·         Frederick Reines - Nobel Prize winner in Physics

·         Gary Rogers - Chairman and CEO of Dreyer's Ice Cream

·         Jim Rogers - CEO of Kampgrounds of America (KOA)

·         Mike Rowe - Star of "Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe" on the Discovery Channel

·         Donald Rumsfeld - Secretary of Defense

·         Steven Spielberg - Movie producer, from Scottsdale, AZ, made a movie of his 
    troop while getting Photography MB. Helped to design requirements for the 
    cinematography MB.

    ·         John Tesh - TV celebrity and pianist


·         Sam Walton - Founder, Wal-Mart (deceased)