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Troop 88 2018 Troop Outings and Events



Troop 88 Calendar of Events

Icon File Name Comment  
2017-2018 T88 Calendar - Updated 1Oct.pdf Troop 88 Scout Calendar Revision (PDF)  
2017-2018 T88 Calendar - Updated 1Oct.xlsx Troop 88 Scout Calendar Revision (EXCEL)  

Event Calendar Combined

This is a composite calendar made up of these calendars:
  • New Birth of Freedom Council
  • Order of the Arrow
  • Pioneer District
  • Training
  • Troop 88
  • US Holidays
The calendar can be filtered to allow users to customize their calendar view. To use this feature, click on the down arrow located at the far right corner at the top of the calendar (next to the word “Agenda.” In the box that drops down, uncheck those calendars you do not want to include in your view and then click the down arrow again to close the box. That’s all you need to do to see only those items you want to include in your custom view.
If you use Gmail for your own calendaring system you can add Troop 88's calendar to your own Gmail calendar.  To do this click the Google Calendar button at the bottom of the calendar and add it to your own so you can view it on all your devices.

In addition the District maintains a set of Gmail calendars that can be accessed here

If you wish to add this calendar to your Apple device do the following;

Step 1: On your iPhone, go into Settings >> Mail, Contacts, Calendars >> Add Account

Step 2: Scroll down and choose "Other".  You should see a screen like this one.  Choose Add Adda Subscribed Calendar

Step 3: Copy this link into the "Server" location and hit next.