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Boy Scouts of America (BSA)

What BSA Scouting Is
Scouting is a learning and exploring experience. It is intended to help children and young adults to learn to become good citizens in the areas of his/her own health, security/safety, family, friends, school, authority figures and community. It is intended to help develop interests and talents, to help realize a sense of self and potential and to help provide a foundation for becoming a participating young adult within the community.

BSA Program
The Boy Scouts of America includes several programs for members by age, gender and subject of interest.

Cub Scouts- Boys K - 5th grades (5 - 10 years old)
a unit is a "Pack"
Scouts are organized by age/school grade "rank" (Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos I and Webelos II)
Scouts are organized by "Dens" based on age/school grade, each is lead by an adult Den Leader and Assistant Den Leader
Achievement is age-appropriate and based on a scout doing his best to participate
The Pack is organized and run by adult volunteers including Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmaster, Den Leaders, Assistant Den Leaders, and the Pack Committee

Boy Scouts- Boys 11 - 17 years old
a unit is a "Troop"
The Troop is organized and run by its scouts and supervised by a Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster(s) and Troop Committee.
Leadership includes Scouts in elected positions: Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader and each Patrol's Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader, along with Troop functional positions including Quartermaster, Guide, Historian, Scribe, Librarian, Instructor, Bugler, Den Chief and others.
Scouts are organized in "Patrols" and each includes scouts from most ranks and is lead by a scout Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader.
Achievement "rank" (Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life, Eagle) each rank has specific requirements including achievements, projects and time logged in the previous rank.

Venturing- Co-ed teens 14 - 20 years old
a unit is a "Crew" (formerly "Post")
Mission: to provide positive and meaningful, real-world career experiences and leadership development opportunities for all teenagers and young adults in their chosen field of interest.
Venturing Crews often specialize in areas such as High Adventure including rock climbing, mountaineering, paddling, and camping, as well as emergency medical response, fire fighting, law enforcement, and environmental, political, conservation, scientific or occupational-specific fields.

Sea ScoutsCo-ed teens 14 - 20 years old
a subcategory of Venturing and a category unto itself
a unit is a "Ship"
The program focuses on boating skills and maritime heritage knowledge as well as swimming, lifesaving, CPR, safe boating practices, Coast Guard Auxiliary Sailing and Seamanship. Sea Scouts often use their learned skills in boating and seamanship to work in areas of conservation, scientific and exploration endeavors.
Organization and Supervision: info to come

The Boy Scouts of America helps to shape the foundation of thousands of young people that will become our country's leaders across all critical areas of science, medicine, exploration, business, technology, engineering, building and construction, and revolutionary thought. And if not household names, most certainly they have been, are, and will continue to be some of this country's most influential people that shape the future of the United States of America.