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Pack 301 Website Information

Across the top banner, you have the option to click Member Login. You (and your scout) will need to provide Pack 301 with personal information to access the secure site. The secure site is not available to the public. You must be a member to access the secure information.


There are several levels of access: Administrator (restricted); Leader, Parent, Scout, No Access, and Inactive. By default, Pack 301 assigns all members an initial role of Inactive, until you provide the needed information. If necessary, the site will send you an invitation with a password. You may change that password.


Once registered as a scout, most of you will have account information already entered from your registration document. You will only have to register your Login Identity to access the secure site. Please verify all of the information is entered correctly. (You will need to provide your email information in order to get event reminders and to gain access to your Scoutlander account.)


Once you register your profile information, you will start to receive event reminders. This will happen regardless of whether you signed up at a scout meeting or a registration event.


Event reminders are a global setting. If you turn them off, you will not receive any event messages from the calendar regarding Pack 301 activities. These include, but are not limited to: Pack meetings, Den meetings, Camping trips, Parent/Leader meetings, Projects, District Events, and Banquet Dinners.


As an added benefit, you can download a Microsoft Outlook reminder for your calendar too.