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Cub Scout FAQ's

Who’s eligible to join Cub Scout Pack 261?

Any boy in 1st through 5th grade.
When can I join Scouts?
Most boys join Cub Scouts for the first time during the annual Registration Rally held at the beginning of the school year (September). However you can join at any time!
How do I become a member of Cub Scout Pack 261?
Come to our annual Registration Rally in September. You can also contact our Cub Master or Committee Chair to answer any questions.
How much does it cost to join Pack 261?
We currently charge $100 for the annual program which covers your scouts Cub Scout Book, t-shirt and participation in all pack events (Rocket Derby, Pinewood Derby, Space Derby and Annual Family Camp Out). Some additional, but optional, trips are scheduled each year which may have additional costs.
When are registration fees due?
Current members are urged to pay at our first pack meeting. Transfers and new members pay at the time of joining our pack; however, if a hardship exists, exceptions can be made. Simply talk to a representative of our pack during registration.
When, where, and how often are Den meetings held?
Den meetings are usually held on a date and time agreed upon by members of the den at the Den Leader’s home or other locations, such as Daniels Farm School from September through June. Dens typically hold two to three den meetings a month which lasts approximately one hour.
What are the uniform requirements?
We require every Scout in Pack 261 to wear the official uniform for their rank to all den and pack events. You will also need to supply a couple of patches but we will let you know what is required. (NOTE TO PARENTS: If your son is a Tiger/Wolf, try to buy a belt and shirt that will fit for two years, since Bears wear the same uniform.)
Where can I buy my uniform and other Scout supplies?
At any official Scout shop. The nearest one is in Milford right off Rt 15.
When do Scouts receive awards?
Awards are presented at all pack meetings. Pack meeting are held during the school year.
Can I join the same den as my friend(s)?
Certainly, as long as the den is not full and you are all the same rank . We try to keep dens limited to 8 or fewer Scouts, but exceptions can be made by an individual den leader.
How will I know which den I belong to?
Shortly after registration, new den leaders are selected. Your den leader will contact you in September or within a week or two after you join our pack.