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Iron Chef/Chili Cook-off


At each Camporee we will hold a cooking contest for Scouters. The contest will be staged at the Eagle Pavilion or designated area within the Scout Show and will include the need to cook on or in “Iron”. The Chili Cook-off (Fall Camporee) will be an individual event, the Iron Chef Dutch Oven (Spring Camporee/Bi-annual Scout Show) will be team based. 



The following rules are to be adhered to by all cook-off chairmen, cooks and/or assistants:


1. All contestants must be Scouters. "Ringers" will be summarily ejected from the entire Camporee.


2. Contestants are responsible for supplying all of their own cooking utensils, Coleman type stoves, pots etc. Only tables will be provided.


3. All contestants must wash their hands before preparing their chili.


4. Displays and demonstrations will be judged based upon overall appearance, ambiance, aesthetics, spirit, participation of the contestants, and enjoyment by the judges and observing Scouters.


5. "Spontaneous" demonstrations throughout the spectator area are permitted. However, contestants are asked that their support team respect the other visitors and their view of the event.


6. Offensive distractions (such as loud generators, baggy pants or dirty tee shirts) are not allowed. Pleasant and enjoyable activities such as music and dancing are strongly encouraged.


1. Any form of chili is permissible. However, only "True Chili" will be considered for serious judging. "True Chili" is defined by the International Chili Society as any kind of meat, or combination of meats cooked with peppers, various other spices, and other ingredients with the exception of items such as beans or spaghetti, which are strictly forbidden.

2. No ingredient may be precooked or treated in any way prior to the setup period the day of the cook-off. The only exceptions are canned or bottled tomatoes, tomato sauce, peppers, pepper sauce, beverages, broth, and grinding or mixing the spices. Meat may be pre-cut or ground, but not treated in any way. All other ingredients must be chopped or prepared at the cook-off.

3. Preliminary judging will be done by "People's Choice." {This means that your Chili must look good enough so that visiting Scouters will actually want to taste it!) Ballots turned in by the people visiting the contest will determine finalists.

4. The judging committee will select the winners based on taste, appearance and creativity. Good Chili combines the elements of texture, freshness, and aroma and of course taste.

5. All chili must have a name for the recipe that is clearly displayed in the cooking area. Weird names that refer to Scouting or Scouters are encouraged. All names must be in English unless they are in some other language.

6. Contestants may not charge for samples for this judging.

7. The quantity of chili prepared for the people's choice is the team's decision.

8. Any attempts to influence, bias, or sway visiting Scouters toward one chili or away from another are encouraged. Attempts to influence the final judging staff are permitted.

9. Winners will be required to submit their recipe for posting on the Chehaw Council Web site. For those contestants who are worried about giving away secrets, there is no requirement that the recipe you submit resemble what you actually cooked in any way. This contest rule has been designed to make absolutely no sense whatever in an attempt to blend in with the rules for other events at the Camporee.



1. Set up by 10:00 A.M.

2. Cooking begins at 12:00 P.M. All cooking must be done at the Eagle Pavilion; please keep this in mind.

3. People's Judging begins at 3:00 P.M. Final Judging will take place at 3:15 P.M. Finalists must provide their sample to the judges in a non-returnable container provided by the judges prior to 3:15 P.M.

4. All finalists must submit their "recipe" along with the sample to be judged.

5. Prizes will be awarded for First, Second and Third place in two categories. The first category is ONLY Scoutmasters; the second category is for any other Scouter.



Iron Chef Dutch Oven Cooking Contest

(Spring Camporees/Bi-annual Scout Show)


This contest is open to all Unit Adult leaders. Scouts should be exempted to allow them to take full advantage of activities provided for them at the scheduled event. Leaders are encouraged to form a Team of two (2) or more Leaders per Unit for this competition. Fill in the Unit Camporee/Scout Show Iron Chef Dutch Oven Cooking Contest entry form below. Forward the entry forms to the Scout Service Center.  Contest entries are limited to One (1) team per Unit. Cooking may be done in the troop sites.                

Entry fee is $10 per team.


 Event Cook Book on CD will be generated using the recipes provided by the participating Units. Recipes should be provided using the attached form, or electronically in the same format. ALL recipes should be forwarded to the Scout Service Center, or emailed to the contest coordinator at no later than thirty (30) days prior to the Camporee for inclusion in the Cook Book. The CD will be provided to all units in attendance – one (1) CD per Unit. The Camporee Cook Book will be full of recipes – some simple, some more complicated – that can easily be utilized by units to make great Dutch oven cooked meals during any campout in a timely manner. Every unit attending the event will benefit from the information provided on this CD for years to come.


(The following for use by Event Officials and the Council Scout Service Center)



Council Camporee/Scout Show

Iron Chef Dutch Oven Cooking Contest


Unit Type ________________ Number ____________


Head Chef: 1____________________ Asst. Chef: 2______________________


Other Team Members:


 3_____________________________   4_______________________________


Entry Received Date: _____________             Acct. # 135-6801    Spring

Recipe Received Date: ____/____/ 20__          Entry Fee: $10.00 per team


Mail to;                    Boy Scouts of America, Chehaw Council

 Council Events
   P.O. Box 469 

           Albany, Georgia 31702




1. All teams must register for the contest by filling out the entry form. Turn this entry form in to the Scout Center a minimum of 30 days before the event when possible.                                                                    


2. Units are encouraged to create one-pot meals. However, ALL recipes are limited to a maximum of two (2) Dutch ovens to complete.                                                                                                        


3. ALL food preparation and cooking are to be completed on-site. Teams will be allotted 2 hours to complete their  dish beginning at 10:00 AM. Permitting time for travel, samples MUST be received at the judging location no later  than noon to be eligible. (NOTE: Food prep / cooking time does not include fire building and prep. Fire prep may begin prior to the 10:00 AM start time for the contest.) Teams may cook at their troop sites if necessary but samples must be delivered to the judging station prior noon. 


4. Costs for the recipe should be minimal. Basic costs should be calculated based on a typical Patrol size of 8. Remember, we expect our Scouts to stay within their designated meal budgets. Please join us in setting the proper example for our Scouts during this contest.                                                                           


5. Recipes MUST consist of the following:    


  • Meat item – Limit choices to beef or chicken Only.                                    
  • All recipes MUST include a starch (potatoes, rice, etc).                                
  • All recipes MUST include a minimum of two (2) vegetables, exclusive of the starch ingredient.
  • Other ingredients and spices are to the discretion of the participants.                    


6. Samples are to be provided for judging. A single bowl or plate, provided by the Camporee judges, should be provided with approximately one-half (1/2) serving



7. Provide a final recipe to the judges with your sample. Do not include any Troop or Crew Number on this final recipe.






8. Judges will base their final decisions on the following criteria:





  • Timeliness                                                                
  • Composition                                                              
  • Presentation                                                              
  • Cost                                                                    
  • Aroma and                                                                                 
  • Taste                                                                   


9. Teams may serve samples at no cost to spectators assembled around the event while judging is going on and they are awaiting the Troop Event.                                                                                

                                             Iron Chef Dutch Oven Cooking Contest



Recipe Name: ______________________________________________________________

Unit Type / # _________ Unit Charter ______________________________

Unit Leader _____________________ District ________________________

Chef __________________________ Asst Chef _______________________

Cooking Crew Members

1______________________   2__________________________












Cooking Instructions:                              















Estimated Cost:


 $ _________ Recipe Serves: ___________

(Mail a copy of this recipe form with your entry fee.)

(This form is for CD Cook Book, samples will be numbered when submitted for judging)
































































2010 Winners

Fall 2010 People's Choice Chili Cook-off: Teresa Myler of Troop 15
             Grand Prize Chili Cook-off: Berry Knight of Troop 23 
Spring 2010 Iron Chef: Competition cancelled to allow Scouters to build new skeet range.

Fall 2009 People's choice Chili Cook-off: Tony Crowder of Troop 26
             Grand Prize Chili Cook-oo: Tony Crowder of Troop 26