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Cub Scout Pack 3476
(Overland Park, Kansas)
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Pack Leadership Positions

Program positions in the pack are held by parents who work directly with the boys
and organize the actual programs they participate in during the year.

Let's see who the Leaders are in the Pack...

Den Leaders

The Den Leaders lead the den meetings and contributes to the monthly pack meetings. In addition, the Den Leaders attend the monthly pack leaders' meeting and may attend the Roundtable meeting for program and den ideas for successful meetings.


The Cubmaster helps plan and carry out the pack program
 with the help of the pack committee and den leaders.
In addition, the Cubmaster emcees the monthly pack meeting,
attends monthly pack leaders' and Roundtable meetings.

Pack Committee

Pack Committee Members perform the administrative functions of the pack.

This is OPEN to all parents! 

Parents do not have to be in an assigned position to attend.

Come Listen and provide your input into yours son's Cub Scout program.

Current positions include Committee Chair, Treasurer, Advancement Coordinator, Popcorn Kernel and various other opportunities for you to help the pack!

Committee Chair

The Committee Chair presides at all Leader meetings
and helps to recruit adult leaders.
In addition, the Committee Chair attends pack meetings and Roundtable meetings.