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Brian Smith - Scout Master

Meet Brian! - Scout Master

Brian joined the Troop with his son in 2008. He is a key part of our outdoor adventures with his knowledge of the outdoors, canoeing, shooting sports, and more. 

Brian, when are you going to sit still long enough for us to get a picture for this site?

On September 20, 2012 Brian accepted "the paddle" and became Scout Master of Troop 191!!!!
Congratulations Brian!


John Petroskas - Retired Scout Master


John was a Cub Scout leader in 1984 and has been with Troop 191 since 1985. He is ALWAYS helping the scouts no matter what project they happen to be working on! His experiences are passed onto the scouts. There is a never ending list of stories for John to tell! There is never a dull moment at the scout meetings. John makes them fun and gets all the boys involved in what ever the activity.


On Thursday, September 20, 2012 John gracefully "passed the paddle" to Brian Smith!

Steve Dallin - Assistant Scout Master

 Meet Steve! - Assistant Scout Master

Steve started his scouting career as a Bear Cub Scout in the 3rd Grade. By age 18 (1963) he was already a Life Scout and an Assistant Scout Master. Steve started with Troop 191 in 1984 and still carries the same title today! The knowledge that Steve and John have is amazing! There is nothing that they can't handle!

Bob Dallin - Assistant Scout Master

 Meet Bob! - Assistant Scout Master

Bob has a long history in scouts as well. He was a Cub Scout (3rd Grade) and moved all the way up to earning his Eagle Scout Rank in Troop 191 in 1988 and has been a Leader in the Troop ever since. He likes to get out and play "Steal the Bacon" and other games with the boys in the Troop.

Tony Miller - Assistant Scout Master

 Meet Tony! - Assistant Scout Master



Chris Olson - Assistant Scout Master

 Meet Chris! - Assistant Scout Master

Chris also started out as a Cub Scout and moved up the ranks. He earned his Eagle Scout Rank from Troop 191 in 2001. Chris was active in the Navy from 2003-2007 and joined the National Guard in 2007. He is still a current member there. Chris was deployed to Afghanistan in 2009 where spent a year in the sand. He is currently in the reserves while attending college in Coon Rapids, Minnesota attacking a degree in accounting.

Bob Haller - Assistant Scout Master

  Meet Bob! - Assistant Scout Master

 Started out with his son in the Cub Scouts and became a Cub Leader in 1999. He joined Troop 191 in 2004 and Became an Assistant Scout Master. Bob likes to take the boys camping and organize other outings for the boys. He is usually behind the camera at events. 

Laura Manley-Harmon - Assistant Scout Master

Meet Laura! - Assistant Scout Master

Laura has been with our Troop since 2005. She currently has 2 sons in the Troop and is a proud parent of an Eagle Scout. When in a pinch with our fundraising Laura jumps into action with her creative ideas and strategies.

Gene Sheggrud - Committee Chairperson

 Meet Gene! - Committee Chairperson

Gene started in the scouts with their son Jeff in 1984. Jeff proceeded all the way through to Eagle Scout. And they continue their involvement with Troop 191 to this day!


Margaret Sheggrud - Awards Chairperson/Treasurer

 Meet Margaret! - Awards Chairperson/Treasurer

started in the scouts with their son Jeff in 1984. Jeff proceeded all the way through to Eagle Scout. And they continue their involvement with Troop 191 to this day! Margaret is a busy person with the Troop Committee, she holds several postions in the committee along with chairs the popcorn and wreath sales.




Mary Enfield - Committee Member

 Meet Mary! - Committee Member

Mary started out in Cub Scouts in another town. Bob Haller met her at an open house for the local Cub Scouts and recruited her in 2008. Her son crossed over into Troop 191 in February of 2011. Guess what? Now she is helping out the Boy Scouts. Mary is a hands on no messin' around type of person. You can count on her to help in any way she can.