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Girl Scout Troop 5126
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Q: How do I get access to the calendar?

A: The calendar is located through our private site. To obtain access to the private site, you must have permission. Currently, only registered members of the troop may have access to this information. If you are a member and have not yet received your username and temporary password, please click on the above "Contact Us" and send in a request to the website administrator.

Q: If my daughter would like to join your troop, how would I make arrangements to do that?
A: You would first need to register your daughter with the Girl Scouts. The cost of registrations is currently $12.00. To obtain forms or additional information, please click on "Contact Us" and the troop leader will contact you.

Q: Why are some parts of your website restricted?
A: Our foremost goal is safety of the girls. To protect our future leaders from unwanted solicitation, we restrict the use of information to only register members of the troop.  

Q: How many members are in your troop?
A:For safety reasons, this question cannot be answered in this Q&A. If you are interested in joining our troop, please contact us by clicking on the above link.

Q: When does your troop meet?
A: We meet every Monday (except for the 1st Monday of every month) that school is in session, usually August - May.  We also have a couple of activities over the summer.

Q: Where do you meet?
A: Our goal is always safety of our troop members. We cannot state where the troop meets in this Q&A. If you would like additional information, please contact us. 

Q: Does your troop have dues?
A: Yes, currently our dues are $1.00 a meeting. The dues help cover the cost of badges, supplies, events and trips.

Q: Are uniforms required at the meetings?
A: At our informal meetings, uniforms are not required. However, there may be some instances where they will be required. Members are given advance notice when they will need them.

Q: What are the uniform requirements?
A.Khaki pants, shorts, or skirt, and plain white shirt with either a vest or sash with the appropriate insignias.

Q: Does your troop do Community Service?
A: Yes, each year our Scouts choose what community service projects they would like to work on.

Q: Do you have any opening?
A: Yes, currently we have available space in our troop. If you are in grades 8-10 and would like to join, please feel free to contact us.

Q: What awards or badges are you working on?
A: Yes, the troop decides each year which badges they would like to do. They may choose to do them as a group or as individuals.

Q: Does your troop go on trips?
A: Yes, we take trips each year.

Q: Are there volunteer opportunities for parents?
A: Yes, there are always ways in which parents may help. As the troop leader, I encourage parents to take part in what our girls do.

If you have additional questions, that have not been answered in this forum, please feel free to contact us by clicking on "Contact Us" in the toolbar of our website.